TDBPlanner Sidebar - Setting Row Visibility.

I have a TDBPlanner with the planner type set to plDay.

In the application there is a settings window where users can set business hours and the duration of each appointment.

i would like to programmatically hide any time slots before the start time and after the end time.

As the Display Start and End are based on row numbers, is there a way I can find the start and end times to retrieve the row numbers for them, so that I can then specify the Start and End?


= Steve

You can use

to convert a row number index to time and vice versa.
Thanks Bruno.

When I use Planner.IndexToTime I just get a blank date (30/12/1899) with no time.  Do I need to do something before I call the method?

= Steve

Sorry, I confused, it should have been Planner.CellToTime()

No worries.  Is there a TimeToCell as well?

= Steve


Thanks Bruno.

= Steve