How to retrieve the date in a day planner

Using XE7 and Planner version

I am designing a week planner where the days of the week are at the top using the header and 7 positions (columns) for the diferent week days.
The sidebar is configured to show the time.

So, my setup is something like:
  Planner1.Mode.PlannerType := plDay;
  Planner1.Positions := 7;
  Planner1.Mode.PeriodStartDate := MondayDate;
  Planner1.Mode.PeriodEndDate := MondayDate + 6;
  Planner1.Display.DisplayStart := as required
  Planner1.Display.DisplayEnd := as required

In this situation, I need to know the day of the position (column) where the user clicks, when it clicks on a blank cell without an item on it.

Question 1: Can I get the date directly from a property of the planner, or I need to indirectly calculate it based on "position + MondayDate"

Question 2: Using Mode.PlannerType := plWeek, is it possible to do the same as above, that is, the 7 days of the week at the top, and the time on the sidebar at the left.

You can use Planner.CellToTime() to get the start time of the cell timeslot clicked.
This works regardless of horizontal or vertical time axis.

Thanks for your help, this solves my problem