TTMSFNCPlanner Timeline Times.

Is there a way I can iterate through the planner display times?

= Steve

Can you perhaps give a bit more context why you want to do this exactly? Perhaps there is a better way to achieve what you want if you can give me more details?

I would like to programmatically set the Display Start Time and End Time, and/or the Active Start Time and End Time.

These would be stored as times and then the code would find the row numbers in the timeline and set the values.

Hope that makes sense.

= Steve

With DateTimeToCell and CellToDateTime you can accomplish this.

CellToDateTime requires a cell as a parameter.  How do I specify the Cell?  There doesn't appear to be a list of cells I can reference, eg. Planner.Cells.

= Steve

You can use MakeCell() and then pass col and row.

Column is actually the Position of the resource
Row is the index between 0 and DisplayEnd - DisplayStart

Ok, thanks Pieter.