DBPlanner setup

I have setup a Mysql table with field Starttime endtime KEYFIELD(Auto inc) and DESC

I have 2 rows with data in.

I have the Itemsource connetcted to DBDaySource1 and this in turn is connected to MyDataSource1.

I have a grid displaying the data so I know the query is working.

I have mapped the Starttime endtime keyfield and subjectfield.

I then run the app but do not see any items in the DBPlanner.

What am I missing here please?



Are the start & end time in the DB within the timespan of the displayed time axis of the Planner?

I was missing the Day setting.

I can now see them thanks.

How do I change the scale to show every 15 mins instead of every 30 mins?

Please see the PDF Developers guide for Planner where all this is explained.