TDBAdvSmoothImageListBox MultiSelect

Please help
Can anyone tell me how to set up the TDBAdvSmoothImageListBox component for MultiSelect?
I have set the PageMode to False and then I have set the MultiSelect Option to True, but without an apparent result in my application

Is there any other changes that need to be made in order to get it to work?

PageMode = False and MultiSelect = True in the DesignTime,
was not enough for me. However, this helped:

procedure TfrmShowData.FormCreate (Sender: TObject);
// DBAdvSmoothImageListBox1.PageMode: = False;
   DBAdvSmoothImageListBox1.Multiselect: = True;

The first line in FormCreate was not needed. PageMode was False, as in the DesignTime, but MultiSelect had to be rewritten to True again. Even though I already wrote it in the DesignTime.