TDBAdvSmoothImageListBox - disable mouse scrolling

Edited: Equivalent is "DragScroll property = False" in TAdvSmoothListBox

I need "multiselect" for quick and repeated selection of images.
For example, while holding down the Ctrl and Shift keyboard keys..
During this operation, scrolling with the mouse wheel could remain.. But scrolling with the left button, I need to stop this.
Preliminarily, for selecting, I could use the "MouseEnter, MouseMove and MouseExit" events, thus without holding the left mouse button. But I find it less practical and less ..expected
Disabling the image scrolling, while the left mouse button is pressed and Shift+Ctrl keyboard pressed, would really help me a lot.

Thank you in advance ..


We have added the DragScroll property to the TDBAdvSmoothImageListBox.
This now has the same behavior as in TAdvSmoothListBox.

The new property will be available in the following update of the TMS VCL UI Pack.

Thanks for the quick fix