AdvSmoothImageListBox issues with multi-selection


I have two issues with AdvSmoothImageListBox when MultiSelect is enabled:

1/ when I click on one item in the list it gets selected (CountSelected = 1), then if I ctrl-click on it to unselect it, it still has the selected appearance (but CountSelected = 0)
2/ when I select the first item in the list, the itemindex returned by OnItemSelect event = 0, then if I ctrl-click on the second item of the list the itemindex is still 0 and not 1, so I have no way to know which was the last selected item in the list

You will find attached a sample application to highlight these issues. (28.1 KB)

Thank you for letting us know.

We have fixed the first issue and to handle your second request we have implemented the OnMultiItemSelect event, which will return the last item that was clicked and an array of all the selected items.

These improvements will be available in the next release of the TMS VCL UI Pack.

Great, thanks!