TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup various problems

With TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup in transparent mode, if background color change, the control does not reflect the changes until an explicit Refresh is done. if clicking on its buttons, then partials repaints take place. 

When linked to a datasource not in AutoEdit Mode, control allow making changes to the selected Radio button when it should act as in ReadOnly mode. The changes are not updated to the database (as expected), but only refreshing the data shows that no change took place.
¿Any ideas?

Are you using the latest version of the component? If so, what exact container control do you use? I have retested this with a TAdvPanel and could not see any problem.

With the latest version, I could also not see any issue with DataSource.AutoEdit = false

Sorry, I forgot the versions:

The control is (I think is the last one).
The control is contained inside a TAdvSmoothTabPage of a TAdvSmoothTabPager control version
Best Regards.

More info:

The control is linked to a TDataSource linked to an TADOTable.
Working with Codegear CBuilder 2010

We have been able to reproduce this with the TAdvSmoothTabPage. This seems to be a non trivial technical issue that we'll need to investigate deeper to find a fix. It is on our todolist.