Is it possible that a TDBAdvGrid could be scrolled smoothly?  I have a grid with thumb-sized images and your TDBAdvGrid (with the DoubleBuffered property enabled, and the appropriate properties set to enable row heights to autofit each image's height) is working wonderfully.   But as I slide the tab up or down, the images don't scroll smoothly out of view, whether that be above or below the visible grid region.  In other words, the next "top image" always snaps into position at the top of the grid;  and at the bottom of the grid, if the next logical image can't fit there, then the grid has an empty space.)

If this doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll clarify.    But what I'm looking for is similar to what one might see in an Internet browser when scrolling up or down a page that holds many vertically aligned images.

Scrolling in the grids is always on cell level, so vertically, this means that scrolling is row by row.
There is currently unfortunately not a built-in mode to have pixel level scrolling.