Scrolling TDBAdvGrid without moving the current se


I'm trying to find the option in TDBAdbGrid to allow me to scroll the grid using the thumbnail in the scrollbar without moving the current selected record. Right now, when I move the scrollbar, the selected record is moving with it and the grid keeps selecting new record when the scrollbar moves.

Also, I cannot change propery MouseActions.WheelAction to waScroll. The value is changed right back to waMoveSelection every time I tried to change it to waScroll.


Set grid.PageMode = false. 
In PageMode = true, the grid only has the visible rows, so it can't keep the selection in invisible rows.

Thank you.

It works with PageMode=True but it takes too long to load 40K records to the grid (15 seconds)
I wonder if there is anything like a "hybrid mode" which can load the first page to the grid and load the rest in the background.

Thank you very much.