DBAdvTGrid scroll vs selection move

In DBAdvGrid, how do I get a combination of scrolling of the grid, and changing of selection, that match the behavior in Excel, and MS Access grid view.

That is:
1. Hot tracking: The grid scrolls "live" while dragging the scrollbar thumb, and...

2. Scrollwheel scrolls the view of the grid up and down (along with the scrollbar thumb), but does not change the selected row/cell.

3. Scrollbar thumb scrolls the view of the grid up and down, but does not change the selected row/cell.

So, item 1, 2 and 3 can result in selection not visible, and that's fine.

4. Using the keyboard up/down arrows moves the selection up or down (selecting different rows of data), and if moving beyond the top or bottom of the displayed grid, causes some scrolling to maintain the selected row in view.

5. Clicking with a mouse obviously can only select a row that's already visible. (And I see there's a property to decide whether to scroll partially visible rows into view when clicked.)

So how do I accomplish this?  Thanks.

Arrg, apparently I misspelled DBAdvGrid, and there seems no way to edit or delete posts. 

  1. set grid.ScrollSync = true / grid.PageMode = false
    2. set grid.MouseActions.WheelAction = waScroll
Thanks Bruno, that behaves exactly as needed.

That said, it seems that ScrollSynch is not documented in TAdvStringGrid Developers Guide.  I will pursue that point on my other current thread about Help.