TDBAdvGrid - missing records on grid scroll

I have problem with component TDBAdvGrid - when I connect table with about 400 rows and enable PageMode, then grid doesn't draw records properly on while scrolling down. Scroll up "redraw" missing rows
It's screen of mockup app with just grid, ADOConnection, ADOQuery and DataSource

It's problem with DBAdvGrid?

Is DBAdvGrid.PageMode = true BEFORE you activate the dataset?
Check also if changing the property grid.DataSetType affects this behavior.

Yes - DBAdvGrid.PageMode = true is set on design and dataset is opening on FormShow
When I change DataSetType = dtNonSequenced then rows are draw ok, but scroll is on center and can't be moved

So I would like to have dtSequenced and drawing rows properly

This depends on your dataset, the dataset determines whether it has sequenced or non sequenced data. When it has non sequenced data, it only returns whether the record position is in the beginning, end or middle. Hence, the scrollbar can only indicate begin/end/middle.