TDBAdvGlowNavigator slow


When I start a new VCL project and drop a TDBAdvGlowNavigator without changing anything it runs really (unacceptable) slow. My questions:
  1. Could you confirm that it runs slow? Or is it just me.
  2. Is there something I can do about it?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Louis,
what makes you think, that the Navigator itself is slow - couldn't it be an issue of slow DB handling also ? I tested it here on an existing Project. TDBAdvGlowNavigator seems to work with normal speed.

I also created a new VCL-Project and dropped the Navigator there - also no issues. But only a Navigator on a Form without DB is some sort of useless, I guess...
Tested all on Delphi Seattle...

Regards, Tom

You could replace the DBGlowNavigator by a Standard Delphi DBNavigator for a simple Test.

For testing purposes I didn't connect a datasource to it. The standard DBNavigator works fine, but doesn't have the looks :)

"But only a Navigator on a Form without DB is some sort of useless" yes of course but I am connecting the datasource @runtime.

I am working on Tokyo Pro 10.2.3
Hello Louis, 
I created an empty VCL-Project and threw a TDBAdvGlowNavigator on the Form in Tokyo Enterprise and run it Debug- and Release configuration. Everything seems to be ok here with the latest Component Pack...

Regards, TOm
I asked a friend to do the same test, and he had the same result as you do. On his advice I reinstalled the TMS components and before that I checked for old packages. But without any result. The Glow button has the same isssue and my friend thought that GDI might be the problem.
Any suggestion what may cause this problem?

Can you please describe what exactly you experience as 'slow'? 

Sorry, I've got no idea, where to start investigating. So I would wait for or re-contact the TMS guys.
They can give you more professional advice. 

Good luck !
Regards, Tom

It takes at least two seconds before it shows how it suposed to be. Before that the icons are not visible and I see a white rectangle.

@design time every thing looks how it supposed to bewithout any noticeable delay.

I cannot see any noticeable delay here. The control appears instant when running the application.
Did you check this with a small dataset to see if this makes a difference? Did you check this on multiple machines? What Delphi version do you use?

I have tested it with a small dataset and without a dataset but without any difference. I don't have another machine available at the moment :( I am using Delphi 10.2.3 pro

Do you have any specific antivirus or other tool installed that might have hooked into specific functions of EXEs? If so, try to disable.