DBAdvGrid to slow getting focus

While in the IDE, if another control has focus and then you click on DBAdvGrid control, it takes more than 5 seconds to respond.

This delay also occurs when DBAdvGrid has focus and you click on the properties page of the object inspector.
 I haven't noticed this behavior before... Any one had experience this delay?
Delphi XE7, W8.1 64 bits, Intel i7 CPU, 16 Gb RAM
Francisco Alvarado

We have not experienced this here so far. Is the TDBAdvGrid connected to an active dataset at design-time? If so, does it change when you set the dataset not active?

At first, yes, I was working in an apllet with two connection to Oracle and two DBAdvGrids, but then I created a new VCL forms application: just one form, a panel at the bottom and a TDBAdvGrid aligned alClient.

That's all. It even occurs with your DBAdvGrid\ADOQuery example.
I just check this behavior in my Laptop and it's the same. The last components I installed were the InstrumentLab  from Mitov.

I forgot to mention that I deinstalled InstrumentLab. No changes...

Well, I did a full uninstall of Instrument Lab and the problem is gone!

I'll also report this issue to Mitov Software.
Francisco Alvarado