TDBAdvGlowNavigator Flicker

The TDBAdvGlowNavigator flickers when used in a toolbar.

To duplicate:
1) Place a TAdvToolbarPager on a form.
2) Place a TAdvToolbar on the pager.
3) Place a TDBAdvGlowNavigator on the toolbar.
4) Disable all be the first 4 buttons of the Navigator. 
5) Run the project.

The Navigator will flicker when the mouse enters and exits the toolbar.


4) Disable all but the first 4 buttons of the navigator.

One other clue. If you also add a TAdvEdit to the toolbar, you will see the edit text in the navigator as it flickers.

We have traced & solved the issue with flicker on TDBAdvGlowNavigator. The next update will address this.

Thank you.