TCP Client Listener demo for

The above demo which was installed [through the new command line Smart Setup, IIRC], seems to reference the older FMX component names.

Do you know if a demo has been updated to include the FNC component packages?

I've attempt to manually change [UTMSLoggingTCPClient .pas and .fmx files, removed properties not carried forward, etc.] but it has been tedious to get something which functions well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance.

There are no demos using FNC because the products are independent, the demos usually use native Delphi controls so they can be run and understand by users who do not hold licenses for all TMS components.

What exactly are you struggling with?

Wagner, Happy New Year to you! Thanks for above information.

1st build yielded temp vrc file stating icon not found...
MAINICON ICON "..\Resources\TMSLoggingTCPClient.ico"

I recreated something to satisfy...

2nd build yielded...
[dcc32 Fatal Error] UTMSLoggingTCPClient.pas(12): F2613 Unit 'FMX.TMSBaseControl' not found.

Then the [dreaded] ... 'Class TTMSFMXToolBar not found... Ignore...'

2024-01-01 08_29_28-Window

I assumed it was a component to include a directory for. I never located it. I went looking for the FMX UI, couldn't locate in the Subscription Manager / Smart installer thinking I had seen this on TMS's websight. Then I assumed [wrongly] TTMSFMXToolBar had become TTMSFNCToolBar and installed FNC UI.

I can see I went down the wrong path here. As stated, I noticed the FNC 'equilvantents'.. I converted any TTMSFMX components (e.g. TooBarBar, ToolBarButton), to the FNC equivalent in the .pas, removed any offending properties in the .fmx file, etc eventually producing a build.

Are the TTMSFMX components just pointing to the native FMX components?

Ok, I get it now.
We will refactor the demo so it only uses Delphi FMX native controls.