Several Web Core demos that don't work in

Do you have more details?

Sorry for the blank post above - I had started a post, but something went wrong, and I cannot delete the post.

I have run all of the Web Core demos that I could (I do have FNC Studio, but I do not have XData, so I didn't try those)

Web Core is HUGELY important, but a few of the demos (which are most important to me), either don't compile or don't work.

Web Core\FNC\Styling -- It compiles & run on some platforms, but if it runs, it displays an error message when you select either Style 1 or Style 2.  Message is:

Invalid integer value: "rgba(0" | $class::[object Object] fMessage::Invalid integer value: "rgba(0" fHelpContext::0 at [0:0]"

When I tried to compile and run it on a Windows 7 Virtual Machine on a MacBook Pro High Sierra, it failed with this error message:
    [Error] UDemo.pas(7): can't find unit "WEBLib.TMSFNCTypes"

Web Core\FNC\Custom Control -- Compiles, but doesn't draw a full trackbar.  A comparison of the FNC control and the Web control source files imply that converting from FNC to Web Core should be trivial, but if the demo doesn't actually work, then it proves nothing.

Also, it would be nice to show what you have to do to convert an existing VCL custom control to FNC, so we could see the full process.  Do we just have to change our existing components from descending from TCustomControl, to descending from TTMSFNCCustomControl ? Is that all we need to do?

Web Core\JQuery\Overview : Fails to build : [Error] Unit1.pas(1): identifier not found "WEBLib"

Pickers Demo : FAILS to build as supplied, because TTMSFNCFontDialog is missing from the installation.  I was able to hand edit the .dfm and .pas files to remove references to this, which made the rest of the demo compile and run.

I was able to compile and run all of the rest of the demos, so that's good.

Overall, TMS Web Core combined with TMS FNC Studio are a HUGE achievement, which is a real breakthrough for my company.  It sure would be nice to get these remaining problems fixed.

  1. Is the folder where you installed TMS FNC Core added to your TMS WEB Core library path? See Tools, Options, TMS Web, Library path.

    2) Please put the files slider.png / thumb.png in the TMSWeb output folder
    Change a VCL control to an FNC control is somewhat more than just changing the class name from which to descend. As you can see from the sample code, the events to override to handle keyboard and mouse and to perform the drawing are somewhat different from a standard VCL control, i.e.:
        procedure HandleMouseDown({%H-}Button: TTMSFNCMouseButton; {%H-}Shift: TShiftState; {%H-}X, {%H-}Y: Single); override;
        procedure HandleMouseMove({%H-}Shift: TShiftState; {%H-}X, {%H-}Y: Single); override;
        procedure HandleMouseUp({%H-}Button: TTMSFNCMouseButton; {%H-}Shift: TShiftState; {%H-}X, {%H-}Y: Single); override;
        procedure HandleKeyDown(var {%H-}Key: Word; {%H-}Shift: TShiftState); override;
        procedure Draw(AGraphics: TTMSFNCGraphics; {%H-}ARect: TRectF); override;

    3) This is an issue that slipped in the compiler. This is internally already fixed. The next update will address this.
    4) This was not yet included in the latest TMS FNC UI Pack update. It is also finished internally and will be included in the next release.