TCheckListEdit lock Application

Hello dear TMS team!

I've got an issue with an application (VCL) which uses a TCheckListEdit (from TMS Edits).
First I though its an issue which appears in my application context.
But it appears also in a simple VCL application:

drop a TCheckListEdit on a new form.
- Start application
- click on drop down button (on the right edge)
- click on the white area dropped down
- click on the editor field itself
- click on the form
=> application is locked

very strange: if application is locked change to any other program and back
=> application runs normal again...

My configuration:
Delphi XE5, TMS Component Pack, Win 7

Please let me know if you can reproduce this issue or not.
Thank you!

We could trace & solve this issue and can confirm the next update will address this.

Hello Bruno,
thank you! I love TMS :)

I have same issue and wait for an update.
It is have some workaround until then?
A have used this component on a very important application, it is very inconvenient to find temporary replacement.

Please contact us by email for an incremental source update.