several events not working in TMSFNCWebBrowser?

I was able to create a simple test app to get the FNC web browser working, but I noticed several of the events are not firing. It appears the events might not in the base class. are there any plans to integrate the OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp events?

or is there a simple way to implement it myself. please note I am not an expert at writing components, so I am learning as I go.

any help would be appreciated


Events that are exposed are standard events coming from the framework. These are not working as the webbrowser is a native control that uses the underlying TTMSFNCWebBrowser as a host for presenting itself. Only the following events can be used:


Thanks for the answer. Is it possible to add those events into the TTMSFNCWebBrowser component? Just wondering if its possible, so I could hire someone to implement it.

We'll see what is possible. Note that te webbrowser is actually rendering a website with HTML & JavaScript and the key events are coming in directly inside the website you are running, so technically you are not able to transfer those key events.

ok, I understand. thanks explaining