TAdvTwitter - Next Question

So imagine the situation where I have two Twitter accounts. I start my application and I get the Authorization form appear. I click OK and all is fine. My app can now send tweets from my account.

I delete the twitter.ini file and relogin in to twitter with my second account.

Now I restart my app and because I have deleted the twitter.ini file, the Auth form re-appears. I click OK again, but my app still continues to sent tweets the first account.

If I go to a brand new computer and start again with a different twitter account I can tweet to the other account.

So what do I have to do to my computer so that my app will send tweets to the second twitter account?

It appears that once you have done the Auth thing, something is stored on the computer to always tweet to that account.

I am using the same Key and Secret key in all cases, so is that the problem? certainly not on the other computer.

Clearly as I learn more about this Twitter component, everything becomes apparent. All you have to do is to set the ForceLogin property.