TAdvTwitter - Authorization

I have an issue when using the Twitter authorization. It happens with my application and with the Demo program (which incidentally does not compile unless you modify a couple of the "uses" entries.)

The problem is that about 50% of the time an error is reported about a second after the authorization is complete.

The exception first comes in Delphi and then Access Violation in module ieframe.dll.

If you click OK everything carries on as normal and text can be tweeted.

It only seems to appear the first time the program is run. Subsequent disconnect and reconnects always work perfectly. It's like there is some sort of initialization issue.

Anybody know what causes this error?

Is this OS specific?  What OS do you use?
What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

Do you get the access token when this happens?
Did you try this on different machines?

I have tried on Windows 7 and 8. Internet Explorer is V11.

This is one on those problems that is very difficult to pinpoint.

After the error pops up, you click OK and continue as if nothing had happened and I can tweet from my application to my twitter account. So I assume that all the access tokens have been received.

I have tried this using a friend of mines Key and Secret Key and it never produced the error. He has tried it on his computer and he has never seen the error at all.

Today on my Windows 8 computer, the problem is happening, but not so often. Perhaps about 10% of the time.

If I get more clues I'll let you know.

I am running the twitter component in a thread (with a couple of tweeks from the demo program to make it work, but I don't think this is the issue as the demo program shows the same problem.)

I am still getting this occasionally. But as I have now found out that if when I close my application, I do not close the twitter link, the problem goes away. The next time I start my application, it is already connected to twitter.

We could reproduce this and are now aware of the issue. It is a very strange interaction between the Twitter server and Internet Explorer WebBrowser component. We are searching for a solution but so far, have not yet been able to find a proper workaround.