TAdvtouchkeyboard does not change color or zoom under RAD Version 11.3 patch 1

We have installed the new RAD Version 11.3 patch 1
and also the TMS VCL UI Pack Delphi / C++ Version
When the already created project with TAdvtouchkeyboard is opened under the new version, shows only the Standard keyboard and all the color and image changes are not reflected. Shows only Standard Windows keyboard.
Not able to change color during design and run time
Zoom also does not work

We've seen an issue. We're working on this.

We applied a fix for persisting the design-time set background & key color.
I could not see an issue with zoom.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

zooms the keyboard by 10% for example.

TAdvTouchKeboard Zoom gets applied only on formshow and not on formcreate.
Earlier, it used to get applied on formcreate. I have nearly 119 forms in just one project. Similarly few more projects.
What about the Windows Standard keyboard being shown instead of the keyboard with images and colors saved from previous project.

Also how will i be able to get the fix.

It was moved to form show to enable it to work better with high DPI

Next TMS VCL UI Pack release, scheduled for next week will have the improvements.