SVG showing at design time - white square at runtime

I have some simple SVGs that I'm trying to use with SVGImageCollection/VirtualImageList. No gradients, shadows or so.
They're properly shown at designtime, but don't show at runtime. Just a white square.
What can be wrong?

The same SVG shows correctly in runtime when I load it as HotPicture in a TAdvGlowButton.

Attached 2 sample images that work fine as hotpictures, but not through AdvSVGImageCollection. (2.0 KB)

I loaded them into the image collection at TMS VCL UI Pack Demos\SVG demo project, and gives the same result.


Did you add AdvTypes unit? If yes, then the next question is, did you install both FNC & VCL? If yes, then you will need to add the VCL.TMSFNCTypes unit instead.

Using VCL.TMSFNCTypes solved. Thanks.

Which other cases might need to replace AdvTypes by TMSFNCTypes?
I've been working without FNC for several months. Last week I installed it again. Are there any other known situations that points to replacing used units?


SVG support is currently registered for both TMS VCL UI Pack & TMS FNC Core. It depends on the load order of the packages in the IDE. If FNC is loaded as a second package, you'll need to add the FNC unit. Please note that this is required to register the correct type used at designtime. When loading SVG at runtime, you can keep using AdvTypes


Then, this unit replacing will be needed only for SVG concerned controls, or are there other controls that will need a similar unit replacement?
I mean, are there other know issues that may lead to replacing the automatic generated uses clauses when both VCL & FNC (or other) packs are installed?

If the FNC package is loaded after VCL package, then adding the VCL.TMSFNCTypes unit is the only thing required to make the application load SVG files again. No other additional requirements. It's unclear if the loading order can change in the IDE. If the loading order changes in the future, then AdvTypes unit needs to be added. You can add both units if you want, but the order in the uses list is important. Again, when loading SVG files at runtime (LoadFromFile), and there are no designtime loaded SVG files, then you can safely use AdvTypes for TMS VCL UI Pack controls and VCL.TMSFNCTypes for FNC Controls.

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