TAdvStringGrid OnMouseDown Issue

I have a TAdvStringGrid on a form and that form is on an LMD docking panel.

I've found that the grid's OnMouseDown event doesn't trigger if the docking panel is undocked, unless it's the first non-fixed column. The column header resizing also stops working.

If I re-dock the form, it all works again. I realise that the docking panel is not yours, but any idea on why the grid's OnMouseDown would stop responding? The OnMouseUp still works either way.

We do not have LMD docking panel here.
I tested this with a TMS ToolPanel and undocked it and cannot see an issue.
The OnMouseDown works before & after undocking.
I suggest to

  1. test it with a regular TStringGrid
  2. contact the author of LMD docking panel
    use TMS ToolPanels instead https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/toolpanels.asp

I looked at your ToolPanel demo, but can't see how to stack panels one above the other with dividers in a docking zone.

You'd need to set the TAdvToolPanelTab to top position and lock the panels in the TAdvToolPaelTab. Panels in a top aligned TAdvToolPanelTab are displayed stacked under each other.

I need a vertical stack of panels on each side of the screen and a single panel in the middle. I don't think that's possible with your components.

Then maybe you can use left & right a TAdvPanelGroup containing TAdvPanel's under each other.