TAdvDockPanel and scaling switch

I have a TAdvDockPanel with six TAdvToolBars within and I have dual monitors.  The TAdvToolBars uses a variety of TAdvGlowButtons along with a virtual image list so that the buttons icons resize nicely.

If one monitor scaling is set at 100% and the other at 125% (or anything different from each other), dragging the form between monitors resizes the form and all controls appropriately except for the dock panel and toolbars.  It is like the dock panel is not resizing (LockHeight is false), causing the toolbars to get repositioned in a different configuration and can lead to hidden buttons requiring you to click the far right expansion thing which then shows the hidden buttons in a drop down (not sure what you call that which has two small arrows to indicate more buttons).

Not sure how often our customers will use such a dual monitor configuration, but also not sure if you are aware of this behavior (In a perfect world, the dock panel layout should be the same when dragged between monitors, just scaled differently).  I also won't rule out that I might have some properties set in a way that causes this behavior, or perhaps it is just a Delphi scaling issue.

Delphi Rio 10.3.1