TAdvToolPanel cannot be moved after undocking


I have a single TAdvToolPanel in a TAdvToolPanelTab. After the panel is undocked the first time (using ManualFloat()), I am able to click on the title bar of the floating window that contains the panel and move it around.

But after re-docking it (using ManualDock ()), if I undock it again, I am not able to move it around thereafter. The cursor changes to a "stop" sign symbol when trying to do so.

Can you please advise how to solve this?

I have referred to TMS ToolPanels Visual-Studio .NET like sliding/docking panels. Is there any other documentation that I can refer to?


Just to add, I do not see the issue if I dock/undock basic VCL controls.

I retested this here with this project:
Project1.zip (52.5 KB)
but I cannot reproduce this problem here.

Thank you.

I have tried the sample you have shared, and am able to reproduce the issue using this sample (with TMS vs as well as Please find attached a video capture of the issue with the sample.


TAdvToolPanel.zip (2.4 MB)

We could see the issue now.
We have not found a solution yet. This issue seems to be at VCL level as we can see the same problem with manually float & dock a regular VCL TPanel as well.
We'll continue to investigate whether we can find a workaround for this seemingly VCL bug.

Thank you for your kind attention
VCLPanel.zip (2.6 MB)

I too had tried a VCL panel previously, but did not see the issue there. Please find attached my code and a video recording for the same.

TestUnit.zip (1.3 KB)

With TAdvToolPanel, the correct way to programmatically dock/float is:

  r: TRect;
  if (AdvToolPanel1.Floating) then
    AdvToolPanel1.ManualDock(Self, AdvToolPanelTab1, alLeft);
    r := Rect(0, 0, 100, 100);