Strange behavior with AdvToolPanel + Tab

Happy New Year!

I have started using AdvToolPanel(Tab) in my projects now and experience some strange behavior. Easiest explained with the sample that comes with the components:
  • open project "toolpaneldemo"
  • change 1st panel tab (left one) attribute 'position' to 'ppBottom'
  • change 2nd panel tab (right one) attribute 'position' to 'ppTop'
  • execute
  • hover over "Calendar" panel button - scroll in strangely and is partially hidden
  • leave button, e.g. to top
  • hover over "Calendar" again - strange scrolling again, but now with massive height. Height increase not happening when another button from same tab is hovered over in between
  • move to bottom panel tab
  • hover over "Memo" panel button
  • try to resize the panel; when the cursor changes to resize style two things can happen:
    • when being slow, the panel is already gone again (cursor style change out side component?)
    • when grabbing fast, not the whole panel incl. components is resized, just a gray panel - this seems to have no effect on any "real" panel size
  • Finally lock any panel and undock it
  • click and hold left mouse button in the title bar (don't move the mouse); the gray "move frame" has the size of the panel's client area
  • releasing the mouse button moves up the window so the mouse is at the top of the client area. So quick click-and-release moves the panel up

So I think the tool panel should be changed to
  • top tabs should scroll panels from their bottom so nothing is scrolling above or behind the tab. End position should be panel title bar below tab, also when locking (!)
  • multiple scrolling must not change the size of a panel
  • bottom tabs must allow to change the height of a panel
  • clicking undocked panels should create a gray frame of the panel's size and leave the mouse in original relative x/y position of the panel

Another question: is there a way to track the panel closing like with "OnLock / OnUnlock"? Instead of hiding I would like to change to slide the panel back to the bar as a button. Thanks in advance!

Just nosy as there was no feedback so far: is this acknowledged to be an issue and could potentially be worked on? Else (unless I am setting some attributes incorrectly) I'd have to code my way around this myself as the current behavior makes using tool panels at the top with sliding or at the bottom with user resizing useless. Thanks for any info!

As there was no reaction to this post I assume there is no priority to fix this - so I'll stop using it since the behavior is not acceptable for the application users and just confuses them.