TAdvStringGrid: OnAutoDeleteRow


I have two grids in my app and need to move rows between both. Each row has an associated object I need to do things with. I would like to enable AllowDeleteRow, so that the user can use DEL key to delete one row from one grid and I would like to intercept that event and besides deleting the row, I want to automatically add it to the other grid on the form. DEL is simply easier to use for some users to move rows between both grids and is intuitive in my case as well.

The problem is that OnAutoDeleteRow fires AFTER the row has already been deleted, so I don_'t have access to my associated object anymore which I need to create a new row in the other grid.

Is there some way to fire the event BEFORE the row is actually deleted or otherwise get access to my object of the deleted row?


The OnCanDeleteRow() is triggered before the row will be deleted.