AdvGrid Vcl and OnAutoAddRow

After updateing to the latest version OnAutoAddRow inserts two rows, not one.

How can I change that?

How exactly can this be reproduced? Please provide a sample source project with which this can be reproduced so we can investigate.

I will look into it. I have used the same code for many years, and with the lates version this happens. I have not done any code change in my code (not for years).

Is it possible I can download the version prior to the latest?

We do not make old versions standard available for download and also do not keep all old versions (with so many products & so many releases, that would get very involved).
If you have details on what specific version you need and you don't have a backup, we can search if it happens to be in our backups.

AdvStringGrid VCL

  1. Set rowcount to 1
  2. Set AdvanceOnInsert to True
  3. Set AdvanceOnEnter to True
  4. Set GoEdit to True
  5. In OnAutoAddRow showmessage('Hello');

Use Enter key to advance to the next cell and when advancing in/from the last cell in a row two new rows are inserted. Should be only one row.

On AutoAddRow is called twice.

This only happens in the latest version.

We could trace & solve this issue. The next update will address this.