TAdvStringGrid - DeleteRow moves to last row?

Sample 73 ... 

Activate row deltion - Navigation.AllowDeleteRow := true;

procedure TForm1.AdvStringGrid1RowChanging(Sender: TObject; OldRow, NewRow: Integer; var Allow: Boolean);
  listbox1.AddItem(Format('RowChange from %d to %d',[OldRow, NewRow]),nil);

Now try and delete a row - pressing DEL or CTRL+DEL
Notice that Rowchanging event is triggered for last rowindex .... 

This happens before I can get the OnAutoDeleteRow event.

Is this expected behaviour?

The cause of this issue is the handling in the underlying VCL grid. We've implemented a workaround to avoid this and this workaround will be included in the next update.

Thanks Bruno.

As you mention - I can see that CustomGrid uses (move row to last row - and then delete last row) technique for row deletion :-)

A workaround sounds like a good idea.