deleting selected row from TTIWADVWebGrid

  Delphi Seattle 10
  Intraweb 14.x
  TMS Intraweb Pack Pro

I am trying to delete a row in a grid by checkbox selection. My code deletes the record from my virtual table but keeps displaying it in the grid.
 i, j: Integer;

j:= 0;
  for i := 1 to TTIWADVWebGrid.RowCount do
  if TTIWADVWebGrid.RowSelect[TTIWADVWebGrid.RowOffset + i - 1] then
           VTable.MoveBy(TTIWADVWebGrid.RowOffset + i - 1 - j);
              TTIWADVWebGrid.RowCount := (?) //tried diff things here does not work 


If you are trying to delete the row asynchronously you can try the following: 
- Call AsyncUpdateAllCells after the delete action
- Use a synchronous event instead