TAdvStringGrid issues


I have some questions considering the TAdvStringGrid:

1. In TAdvGridFilterDialog the translation field UI.OperationLargerThen is not used. 'Larger Then' is always shown.
2. How can I change the style of the SearchFooter? The grid itself respects the style in the TAdvFormStyler (tsOffice2016White), but the footer does not, it looks like Office2003 Luna.
3. The SearchFooters hides behind the horizontal scrollbar part of the time. When the Grid is clicked it comes back
4. OLEdragdrop does not seem to work when grouping is active. Is that correct? Or could it be Rowselect?
5. There are a lot of TAdvGrid... components, but most of them are not in the manual (TMS TAdvStringGrid Developers Guide.pdf). Is there some documentation about them?

  1. We traced & solved this issue. Fix will be in the next update
    2. I cannot see an issue with this. Changing the AdvFormStyler.Style also updates the search footer style
    3. There was such issue in an earlier version but that was fixed meanwhile
    4. What part of OLE Drag & drop do you refer to? Drop something on it? Start dragging? Dragging to other control or internally only.
    5.Many of these are covered in the manual, but indeed, there is some catch-up to do here. If you have doubts about some components, don't hesitate to contact support. 
  1. Great
    2. It does, but NOT the buttons. Not in my version (I use
    3. Not in my version (
    4. OLEdrag of complete rows as described in the manual. That does not do anything
    5. Ok. I found out about the TAdvGridFilterxxx components. Straight forward.
  1. The buttons on the search bar are regular TBitButton's, and these do not style.
    4. We'll investigate this.
  1. How can I change that? Am sure that you agree with me that it's not nice to have an interface completely in Windows 10 / Office 2016 style, except for 2 buttons... I can change the text on that button, I can change the pictures of the arrows, why can't I change the style?

As explained, it are regular TBitBtn controls and these do not use the tms styles. We would need to replace these by a TAdvToolBarButton or TAdvGlowButton that uses the styles. Changing this brings in dependencies to controls that are not included in the grid with all distribution complexities that come with this.

I found out in the sourcecode that a Look can be set for these buttons. I have set them to 5 (flat), which is acceptable.
I could imagine that you implement some more settings in 'Look' to mimic the standard available styles...

We'll investigate & consider this.