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10.2 and

What property do I need to set to have buttons in a grid appear the same as the application style?

A user can select a style in my program, button check boxes etc., change appearance to the selected style. Buttons in TAdvStringGrid do not. And with some styles the text in the button is nearly the same color as the button background, making the button unreadable.



Style should be replaced with "theme".

At this moment, the button drawn in a cell is using the Windows API functions to draw and the VCL theming doesn't affect these Windows API functions. We'll investigate if we can handle this at grid level. As a workaround for now, you could add a VCL TButton to a cell also via the grid.CellControls[col,row] property.

Thanks for the response.
If I need to add a TButton on each grid, that would a change for 70+ forms.
I can wait a bit for the investigation.
I have not tried it yet, will setting the StyleElements property have any impact?
Funny, this is my first look at using styles and I found people refer to it as styles, themes and skins.

StyleElements does not impact this. As explained, we use Windows API to draw the button and this isn't affected by VCL styles.

Thanks, not knowing all the workings of the grid I had to ask. I await the investigation.