TAdvStringGrid Grouping when it shouldn't

We're running into another issue with the TAdvStringGrid in UI Pack version We're adding rows to the grid, and its automatically grouping these rows when it shouldn't be. In, we get this as a result:
In, we get this:

C++ Builder Athens 12.0
GridIssue2.zip (9.2 KB)

I can also not see this problem here.
When I compile & run this, I see the same as your first screenshot.
I propose you do a full uninstall of TMS VCL UI Pack, after uninstall scan your full hard disk and delete all possible old version files and then do a clean install of the latest version.

As with the other reported issue about the AdvStringGrid headers, when I did an new install of RAD Studio 12.1 and then installed VCL UI Pack the adding rows issue was also resolved.