TAdvStringGrid Painting Issues when using Grouping/Themes

Thanks for recent fixes to grid screen drawing with themes.

I'm afraid there still seem to be some issues when redrawing the grid with themes enabled when using grouping (cell nodes). In particular, the background to cell nodes gets drawn white regardless of other color settings. I've tried both with the standard +/- glyph and also with a custom icon.

I also cannot work out how to stop the Grid
AdvScreenRedraw.zip (386.7 KB)
from grouping the header row - perhaps I am doing something wrong. Attached is a simple demo demonstrating some of these issues.

Thanks for any further assistance!

We see this app has dependencies on other components we do not have installed here. We cannot open & compile it here. Can you please remove these dependencies?

Apologies - I had used a Raize/Konopka panel. Here it is further simplified without that panel and just one unit. It does call upon a dark theme (Calypso) that may have come from Getit. But you can try with a different theme too.

I notice also that applying a theme seems to only recolor some of the cells and thereafter, manually applying colors to all cells sometimes seems to zap the fixed cell line colors. I realize I may be doing something wrong, but there do seem to be some flaky interactions between some of these features. Thanks for any assistance!
AdvScreenRedraw.zip (256.2 KB)

BTW - there is some code in there to deal with high dpi resizing of the expand/collapse icon. I noticed that this was not getting resized properly on high DPI screens even if form set to be scaled.

We traced & solved this issue. Next release will address this.