DBAdvGrid - weird grouping errors

  1. I have two grids synchronized with each other (using ClientDataSet). On the second grid (Slave) I enable grouping. If I slowly change the active row on the master grid (using a single click or scrolling the mouse), everything is ok. However, if I quickly scroll the rows (using KeyUp, KeyDown), then in the first column the lines of children, node icons and the number of grid rows are drawn incorrectly . Selecting a row on the master grid again causes the slave grid to be drawn correctly.


  1. Sometimes at random times, when quickly switching rows on the master grid (using KeyUp, KeyDown), the error "Grid index out of range" occurs and an empty column is added to the end of the slave grid.


I use TMS VCL UI Pack v12.1.0.1

Sample_Grouping.zip (34.8 KB)

Using internal grid grouping requires DBAdvGrid.PageMode = false