TAdvStringGrid FixedFont too big on HighDPI

Delphi 11
UI Pack 10.6.3

On a Windows 10 machine with 4k MOnitor and 150% scaling and manifest setting "v2 Monitor", the font for normal cells is correctly displayed (I use a font size 9 and the text in the cells is the same as labels have). But the FixedFont is displayed way to big (by scaling factor 1.5). So a font size of 6 corresponds to the normal cells font size of 9.

A fix was applied in v10.6.4.0

yes, I can confirm. Sorry for not checking updates before.

But for TAdvTreeView the issue is not fixed. Also the nodes Icon are still too small (doesn't scale)
EDIT: I have to correct myself: Only the node icon on TAdvTreeView seems to be too small, font is fine.

There is ongoing work for TAdvTreeview in connection to Delphi 11 where several high-dpi related things were changed compared to previous versions.

TAdvTreeView node icon is fixed now with 10.6.5, but CheckBox is still too small

High DPI is gradually being implemented. This will take a extended period of time. Various elements need to have separate attention, such as the checkbox. Thanks for the feedback!