Checkboxes in TAdvStringGrid

I'm using an AdvStringGrid that shows some cells with text and others with check boxes.
There are other checkboxes outside the AdvStringGrid.
When using the VCL app on a HiDPI monitor with scaling to eg. 150% or 200%, the checkboxes outside the AdvStringGrid are scaled but the checkboxes inside the AdvStringGrid are very small, can barely see or use.
It there a option/setting that i missed?
Thanks for any hints,

Delphi version?
Latest version of TMS VCM UI Pack?

Was retested here. 200% DPI. TCheckbox check size is equal to TAdvStringGrid embedded check size (added with grid.AddCheckBox)


Delphi 11.2 with VCL UI Pack v11.0.1.0.
This is how it looks on my computer with scaling at 150%:

and looks normal with scaling set to 100%:

I believe the problem comes when styles are involved: when using the "Windows" standard style the AdvStringGrid shows the checkboxes properly scaled - like in your image. As soon as any of the styles that come with Delphi (or from delphistyles), HiDPI optimized or not, are used the checkboxes don't get scaled.
Do you know/have any workaround for this behaviour?

There appear to be high DPI VCL styles related changes in Delphi 11.
We applied improvements for this and these will be included in the next release.

can you estimate when is the next release scheduled?

A release is scheduled for today.

Thanks, it's ok now!