TAdvTreeView checkboxes bad with High DPI

Hi we're using TAdvTreeView with checkboxes and the ticks are not drawn cleanly in a High DPI setting, e.g. with the display scaling factor = 150% 

We were able to reproduce the issue and will investigate this.
We will get back to you as soon as it is fixed.

Hi, we still see a problem with this even with 100% scaling, the tick is still a bit small and faint, especially compared to the ones in TAdvCheckTreeView (but I can't use that instead because not all my nodes have checkboxes). Thx.


We have verified this here and couldn't see an issue in 150%. Note that we are working on high DPI at the moment so it could be possible that you are working with an older version. Are you using the latest version? Can you provide a screenshot of your application?


I've attached a screenshot. This is with a new project where I just dropped the component onto the main form and added the following in the constructor:
TAdvTreeViewNode * top_node;
TAdvTreeViewNode * node;

	top_node = AdvTreeView1->Nodes->Items[0];
	node = AdvTreeView1->AddNode(top_node);
	node->Text[0] = "ZZZ";
	node->CheckTypes[0] = tvntCheckBox;
	node->Checked[0] = true;

This is with IDE 11 and TMS VCL UI Pack

Hi we have tried this here and couldn't reproduce.

This is a screenshot at 100%

and at 150%

We have recently been working on TAdvTreeView so please await the next version of the TMS VCL UI Pack.