Control Pack - Eyecandy MultiLevel menu?

I need to build a multilevel menu. I'm using mostly AdvSmoothControls, so it needs to be "beautiful".

This is the "tree" of the menu i need:

"FILTER" (Menu Caption)
    |-- ALL
    |-- GOOD
    |-- REJECTED
           | "Sides" (SubMenu caption)
           |-- ALL------- Row SubMenu
           |-- RIGHT----- Row SubMenu
           |-- LEFT------ Row SubMenu

The "Row Submenu" is just another submenu, which is the same for all the three sides:
                                                           "Row" (Menu Caption)
                                                             |-- ALL
  |-- Top
  |-- Middle

                                                             |-- Bottom

I'm trying to build it with the TAdvSmoothMegaMenu but i'm lost in the submenu creation.
Also, this Menu should "popup" when i press a TSmoothButton. ( and, like standard menus, disappear when the user click on a menu item).


Unfortunately the TAdvSmoothMegaMenu is only one level submenu, currently there is no support for multiple sublevel menus. We have added this on our feature request list for investigation.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter



Any chance to "emulate" a multilevel menu using panels and button with that mysterious "dropDownControl" property?
Or using multiple MegaMenus, as the menu items have a "Control" property that makes the MenuItem containing another menu?

The Control property can be used to show basic controls inside a menu item. Adding a second TAdvSmoothMegaMenu control to the Control property shows the second sub menu but the first sub menu disappears.

I will investigate this if I can add support for this feature.