TAdvSmoothComboBox error


I am using D7 and v1.6.0.3 TAdvSmoothListBox.
When i set :        AdvSmoothComboBox_1.Items.Items[2].Visible:= false; and i scroll thru the itemslist with the arrow key's the program raised a exception class ElistError with message 'List index out of bounds (-1)' .
how can i solve this problem?


Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this here.
Can you send us a sample project so we can reproduce this issue here?

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Scheldeman Pieter

You can drop a SmoothCombobox in a empty project  and set on one item the visible to false (for ex Item5).

Compile it and click on the combobox and scroll down with the arrow down key on the keyboard.
After Item4 the error massage list out of bounds comes.

Was retested here with default TAdvSmoothComboBox on the form, item 5 .Visible set to false at design time but no problem could be seen. Please test this FIRST with the latest version of this component v2.0.3.1

You are right i installed the latest version and it works ok now. The only thing is when i close the my program I get a application error : Exception EAccessViolation in module ProjectEg1.exe at 001D56D4. Access violation at address 005D56D4 in module 'ProjectEg1.exe'. Read of address 01B2811C. How can i solve this?

Can't be reproduced here with a standard TAdvSmoothComboBox on a new form. What exact steps are needed to reproduce this?

I delete all the comboboxes in my code and put new comboboxes on the form. on exit of the program no error but when i close the delphi enviroment the following error comes : Acces violation at adress 07BD73F4 in module 'TMSExD7.bpl'. Read of address 0A943A8

After that more errors appear on the screen. If this info helpfull ?

Sorry, with that error message we will be unable to determine the cause for this issue. As explained before, can you send us the project that generates this issue so we can investigate this here?

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