Bug in TTMSFMXEdit

if I use the lookup list feature I get an access violation under certain circumstances.

steps to reproduce the issue:
- place a TTMSFMXEdit on a blank form
- set autocomplete to true
- set Lookup.enabled to true
- put some lines both in Lookup.DisplayList and in Lookup.ValueList
- run the program
- write something in the editor so that the lookup list opens up
- select an item in the list with the mouse (not pressing enter)
and voila, Access violation.

debugging the code, looks like something wrong happens in the TListBoxTab.MouseUp procedure, but I couldn't investigate further.

the curious thing is that this happens only the first time. All following attempts seem to work fine.

Thx for your attention. 


Sorry we are unable to reproduce this here in XE2 and XE3, we have already investigated such issue and the latest version should have this issue fixed, are you using the latest version?

Kind regards, 

Hi Pieter, thanks for the prompt response.

Yes, I had just downloaded the latest version, because on XE3 there was another, more evident, issue : I got an AV as soon as I pressed any key in the same circumstances described above, before the list could have a chance to pop out.
After installing the latest version of the FM pack the list popped out, but when I tried to select an item with the mouse, the AV happened.


Can you perhaps send us your sample?

Kind Regards, 

Hi Pieter,

I'm out of office at the moment. As Soon I I reach my PC, I'll prepare a sample and send it. 
Which email address do I have to send it to?


You can send it to support@tmssoftware.com so we can take a look at it.

Kind Regards,