TAdvSmoothCapacityBar: issue with high-DPI drawing


When running the application in high-DPI mode, the height of the capacity bar is calculated incorrectly and appears higher. Is there a quick solution to this issue?


Only the font sizes are changed, the control height itself is not changed, so this is something under control of VCL. Supposedly if you want to maintain the same height, you'll need to shrink the height of the capacity bar manually.
Hi Pieter,

thank You for promt Answer!

It's not about the height of the VCL control, I'm talking about the bar element drawn on the control's canvas. In my opinion, the bar is drawn incorrectly by high DPI. Also, the distance between the bar and the legend doesn't match with what we see in design time.

Of course, you could make the bar thinner by reduce the height of the VCL control. But that's not the right solution, in my opinion.

We'll further investigate this here

OK, thank You!

Hi, we have further investigated this here and have not experienced issues with high DPI. in both normal and high DPI the capacity bar is drawn with normal proportions. Are you using the default application settings?

Hi, Pieter,

I just drop the control to the form, "Reflection" to "False", no other changes with control or application settings.

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.