TAdvScrollbox WheelEnable

Is there a trick to get the mouse wheel to scroll the contents of a TAdvScrollbox?

I have set WheelEnable to true but it still doesn't scroll with the mouse.

I cannot see an issue here. Wheel can be used in this sample to scroll:
Project1.zip (3.5 MB)

OK, I've narrowed down the cause. It works if the scroll box is on a form directly, but not if it's on a TAdvPageControl. I've confirmed it with the latest TMS Pack version and Delphi XE.

I still cannot reproduce this.
Project1.zip (3.6 MB)

That doesn't work for me under XE, but does with 11.3

I can only suspect this is a shortcoming in the base TPageControl VCL control in this old Delphi XE version.

Understood. I will be migrating this app to 11.3 later this year so the scroll function will have to wait until then.

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