MouseWheel and TADVPanelGroup

What should I do to be able to have a TADVPanelGroup responding to MouseWheel ?
I can scroll using the Scrollbars but it doesn't respond to the Mousewheel.
Note that I face this problem under Delphi 2010, it seems to work under Delphi Rio.
Just tryed with the demo files.
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This must be a shortcoming with old Delphi versions. We retested this and with recent Delphi versions, this works as expected.
Try to put a breakpoint in AdvPanelGroup.DoMouseWheel* methods and see if it enters these methods. Possibly a shortcoming in Delphi 2010 will not route the mouse wheel events from child controls on the TAdvPanelGroup to the TAdvPanelGroup itself.

Hi Bruno,
it never enters AdvPanelGroup.DoMouseWheel* method.
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Any idea ?

As I mentioned, I can only suspect it is a shortcoming of this old Delphi version. In newer Delphi versions it works.