TColumnComboBox - prevent scroll on mouse over

Hi, is there any way to prevent mouse scrolling in the TColumnComboBox
when the control is not focused.  We have a bunch of controls in a
scrollbox, and if the mouse happens to move over a combo while scrolling
the whole thing it will stop and start scrolling the combo.  Thx.

Are you referring to wheel scrolling here?

Yes, when scrolling with the wheel.

We have added a property EnableWheel. It will be available in the next update and will allow you to control this.

Great thx.  Much appreciate the quick response.

Hi, we've just installed TMS Compoment pack which has the EnableWheel property but this doesn't appear to have the desired effect.  The combo box appears to say it hasn't handled the scroll event but still scrolls.  So the effect now is that *both* the combo and the scrollbox scroll.
Outside of a scrollbox, the property appears to have no effect, the combo still scrolls with the wheel whether or not EnableWheel is switched off.
Note that we are using a TAdvScrollbox with WheelEnable set to true.

The responsible developer is currently out of office and will take a look at this issue as soon as possible.

We've seen a case where this could still happen and fixed it.
The next update will address this.

This is working now thx. 
Just one thing though, with EnableWheel set to false the control still steals the scroll event, so the containing panel does not scroll.  The effect we are after is that we have a number of TColumnComboBox controls inside a panel which is inside a scrollbox.  So when the user scrolls we just want the panel to scroll up and down whether or not the mouse is over one of the controls.