TAdvStringGrid versus mouse wheel scroll

How can I disable scrolling by mouse wheel when TAdvStringGrid has no focus?

I cannot see this here. On a test project, when the TAdvStringGrid has no focus, it does not react to the mouse wheel. How exactly can this be reproduced?

I've a TAdvStringGrid and a TCppWebBrowser (or TWebBrowser) on a TForm. Fill the TAdvStringGrid with some data, load a web page into TWebBrowser. Scroll through the web page. When you reach the end or beginning of the web page, the TAdvStringGrid starts scrolling.

Tested with:

procedure TForm4.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
but can't be reproduced.

These components are also placed on a TdxDockSite (DevExpress). Maybe this conflicts?

Is there an option to disable scrolling? When entering TCppWebBrowser, scrolling could be disabled and when entering TAdvStringGrid scrolling is enabled again.

Sorry, we do not have this component TdxDockSite installed here. Did you check our test configuration? If this works as expected and it does not work as expected with the TdxDockSite, I would suspect this is the culprit.