TAdvRichEditor.ParseHtml: Problem with separating Tag Params


I've encountered an issue with ParseHTML which in my case caused embedded images inside a html not be displayed because the src-param could not be read properly.
The issue arises for example with img-tags like this one:

<IMG border=0 hspace=0 alt="TestTestTest" align=baseline src="file://ImAFilePath.jpg">

When viewed in the debugger, you can see that the params aren't separated properly into the TagParams-StringList resulting in this:

TagParams[0] := 'border=0 hspace=0 alt="TestTestTest"'
TagParams[1] := 'align=baseline src="file://ImAFilePath.jpg"'

Obviously "TagParams.Values['SRC']" won't find the src-param like this and the image-path is lost.
In my case this happened with an IMG-tag, but the issue is probably not limited to them.

This tag is not really conform to HTML5 standards.
Conform is:

(apart from border & hspace being obsolete in HTML5)
and then it parses all tag attributes.

We'll look if we can do something about this despite being non conform HTML