TAdvPopupMenu Styler


Changing themes does not seem to affect AdvPopUpMenu. I have tried using TAdvFormStylee and TAdvAppStyler.

The AdvPopUpMenu is connected as follows:
- TAdvToolBarPager
- TAdvToolBar
- TAdvToolBarMenuButton <<=== 

I have tried assigning TAdvMenuOfficeStyler & TAdvMenuStyler to the Styler property of the AdvPopUpMenu.

Any suggestions?



Did you connect the menu styler component to AdvToolBarOfficeStyler.AdvMenuStyler?

Thank you...now it is working. However, I'm a bit confused about the relationship.

1- AdvPopUpMenu.MenuStyler is connected to AdvMenuOfficeStyler
2- AdvToolBarOfficeStyler.AdvMenuStyler is also connected to AdvMenuOfficeStyler

Does AdvMenuOfficeStyler controls AdvToolBarOfficeStyler or the other way around?

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When the popup menu is invoked from a toolbar or toolbar control, its style is under control of the toolbar and thus via the AdvToolBarOfficeStyler and for menus via  AdvToolBarOfficeStyler.AdvMenuStyler