TAdvPanels in a TAdvPanelGroup dont scroll to well

  1. Drop a TAdvPanelGroup onto a form
  2. Add two or more TAdvPanels
  3. Add captions to all all of them or at least make it visible
  4. Resize the PanelGroup so that vertical scrollbar appears

When you scroll now, the PanelGroup caption is ignored, meaning that the panels scroll over it, when the should scroll under.

Next problem is increasing the AdvPanel.PanelCaption.Height at runtime. The panel contents will be drawn over the PanelCaption if they are placed close enough to the top.


Jochem Stähler

For the PanelGroup caption, this is a known limitation. A container control can't partially hide a child control. As an alternative, drop the TAdvPanelGroup without caption on a TAdvPanel that has a caption to have the same result.

Ah, thanks.Will use that workaround.

Kind regards,
Jochem Stähler